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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

We are thrilled to introduce our new blog designed to help you understand proper skincare without all the fluff. In today's world of social media, it's difficult to know what products are useful and what products are just "hype". Here at Oasis Face Bar, we believe that your skin goals can be attained with a simple, thoughtful, and straightforward routine! In future blog posts, we will cover more in depth topics such as products, skin types and regimens. However, for our very first blog post, we wanted to do a deep dive into our newly launched facial boxes.


We launched our facial boxes when we had to temporarily close our doors on March 16, 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19 in our country. Our wonderful and selfless owner, Molly Bowers, wanted to give our clients the opportunity to experience our signature facials at home, while also providing for us estheticians in this difficult time. All of the money made from these boxes go directly to us estheticians to keep us afloat until we open our doors again. If you are reading this and have purchased a facial box, we want give you a big THANK YOU! If you have not purchased one but would like to, click here. We have five total boxes to choose from: Enlighten, Clear, Soothe, Shorty (for kids and teens), and Gent (let's hear it for the boys!). Below is a breakdown of our most popular boxes and what's inside so you can learn how to get your skin right!


Do you have dull and tired looking skin? Do you have hyperpigmentation like melasma or dark spots? Have you gone without exfoliation for a hot minute? Then this box is definitely for you. The star of this facial is pumpkin! You eat it as a pie at Thanksgiving, you drink it in a latte, you smell it in your candles....now you put it on your face. Is there anything pumpkin can't do? Probably not. After this facial, you're glow is gonna be so bright, the sun will be jealous.

The first step in this facial is a deep cleanse with the AHA Carrot Tomato Cleanser (gotta have your veggies before desert). This is a luxurious alpha-hydroxy cleanser meaning it's going to gently slough off all the dead skin to get it prepped for that pumpkin magic.

Key ingredients: carrot oil, tomato extract, rice bran oil, and evening primrose.

Skin benefits: Unclogs the pores, lightens and brightens the complexion, promotes new cell growth, and improves cell structure and elasticity.

Next up is where the magic comes in, the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. Think about the enzymes in your saliva- they start breaking down the food you eat while you're chewing so you can digest it. Gross, but that's science. The pumpkin works in a similar way: it has special enzymes in it that break down the dead skin cells and give you that dewy, healthy glow.

Key ingredients: coconut milk, wild yam, witch hazel, chamomile, a blend of fruit peels and organic herbs, and of course, pumpkin!

Skin benefits: Refines, smooths, and exfoliates that dry winter skin. Also, it smells like fall.

After you rinse off the pumpkin, next is the Lemon Bearberry mask. Trust me when I say it smells like a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day. (Disclaimer: this mask is acidic, so it may irritate some of you with more sensitive skin. It is supposed to tingle, not burn, so just be cautious with this one!). Think of this mask as an impurity magnet.

Key ingredients: Bearberry, licorice root, turmeric, lemon peel and grapefruit peel.

Skin benefits: Lightens dark spots, evens out skin tone, deep cleans pores, and refines for a more youthful appearance.

Again, if it is too much for your skin, just stick to the pumpkin! Products shouldn't have to hurt to work.

The last step in this facial is to massage in the Radiant Rose Oil. It's as lovely as it sounds. Picture a rose garden fit for a queen. You're the queen. It's your garden. On your face.

Key ingredients: Bulgarian rose, evening primrose, rose hips, helichrysum, almond and argan oil.

Benefits: protects skin against free radical damage, combats acne, wrinkles, and eczema, and improves skin tone and pigmentation issues.

This facial is an aromatic adventure that you will never forget!


Let's face it, we all experience breakouts. If you're struggling from persistent clogged pores and are in need of a deep clean, we highly suggest giving this box a try. Now, acne is a tricky thing and clearing it up involves a consistent home care regimen, monthly facials, and lotsssss of patience. No two faces are alike, so skincare is not one size fits all. While this facial is not going to clear up your acne in one go, you can trust that it WILL give you that deep clean that your skin craves, and it can stop new breakouts from forming. This facial contains a charcoal mask and a light chemical peel, which is the kick in the butt your breakouts need.

First up is a cleanse with the Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser. Now, you may be wondering, "Why a gentle cleanser? Why does the enlighten facial include the exfoliating cleanser?" I get it. I'll tell you why: since this box comes with an exfoliating mask and a chemical peel, we don't want to overdue it and put your skin through the ringer. The best way to take care of your skin is to use gentle, yet effective ingredients. The Ultra Gentle Cleanser is going to give your skin the deep clean without stripping or drying it of it's natural oils. If you destroy the moisture barrier on your skin, your breakouts will likely get worse. So take it easy!

Next is the Active Willow Charcoal Mask. This one is going to dive deep into those pores and melt away all the bad stuff: the dirt, the oil, and the impurities.

Key ingredients: witch hazel, active willow charcoal, burdock root, rosemary, green tea, tea tree, and Japanese peppermint. Because of the peppermint, you will feel a cooling sensation as it does it's job. Compare it to sticking your head in the freezer after a run. Refreshing, right?

Skin benefits: dissolves impurities and deeply cleans the pores.

After the cleanser and mask, you have this clean canvas for the light chemical peel to do it's job effectively. Intimidated by the words chemical peel? Don't be! The peel in this box is gentle, yet effective. It contains lactic and glycolic acids that are going to break up any leftover dead skin cells that are sticking together, causing a build up of dead skin, causing breakouts. Simply spray some on a cotton round and gently sweep across your face and neck. Make sure you are using SPF every day that ends in "y", rain or shine. Peels make your skin more sensitive to the sun. You don't want your skin to burn while it's healing and renewing itself. Keep that beautiful face young and protected!

After you've applied your peel, finish off by massaging in that Radiant Rose Oil into your skin! To read about the benefits of rose oil, scroll up to the enlighten facial description.


This facial is specifically designed for those of you who struggle with ultra sensitive and reactive skin (rosacea, dry and flaky skin, etc.) Because this box contains the Cannuka products (a combo of CBD and Manuka honey), it's going to help repair the natural barrier of the skin.

The cleanser included in this facial is the Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser. Like the description in the clear facial, this cleanser is going to give you a thorough clean without stripping your skin of it's natural oils. After you cleanse, you should never feel "tight" or shiny. "Squeaky clean" is not a good thing when it comes to your skin. You want to feel fresh and moisturized.

After cleansing, apply the luxurious Honey Cocoa Mask. Who doesn't want to smell like a chocolate cupcake?! This mask is one of our all time faves not just because of the smell, but because of what's inside!

Key ingredients: witch hazel, koalin clay, organic dark cocoa powder, orange peel, rose hips, green tea, and organic blackberry honey.

Skin benefits: exfoliates without irritation, infuses the skin with antioxidants, softens the skin, and the honey has anti-bacterial properties, meaning it has great clarifying power.

The next product is the best part: Cannuka skin balm. This stuff is THICK. It can be a little intimidating, but don't worry: it warms and starts to melt as soon as it touches the skin. It's an occlusive, meaning it creates a moisturizing barrier between your skin and the environment. It's going to give you that moisture that your dry skin craves and it's going to lock it in for hours. The combination of the CBD with Manuka honey work alongside with rosehip oil and orange peel butter to bring nourishment and protection to the skin. We suggest doing this facial before bed so that this moisturizer can sink into your skin while you sleep... and wait 'til you see your skin in the AM. You'll probably hear angels sing. Don't freak out.

If you want a little extra moisture, add some Rose Oil on top of the Cannuka Skin Balm.


Now that you know what facial box you need, you may be wondering...how do I steam at home? Do I have to? Is it even necessary? Steaming is totally optional, but it does have great benefits!

First off, you may have heard that "steam opens your pores". I want you all to know that this is totally untrue. Unfortunately, you can't change the size of your pores, and you can't open or close them. It's the cold, hard, depressing truth. It's all in your genes. BUT, you can soften your pores, and by doing that, it makes it easier for the dirt, oil, and debris to be removed from them. Steaming increases circulation in your skin and honestly, it's just relaxing and feels great. The best benefit to steaming is that it warms up your skin, making it ready to absorb the ingredients in the masks and serums.

Now to steam at home, you can either boil some water on the stove and hold your face over for a few minutes or you can do what I do: I use a clothing steamer. I fill it up with purified or distilled water and hold it about 6 inches from my face for a few minutes. However, the best option is probably to purchase an actual facial steamer which you can get here on Amazon for $30!

Well, there you have it! I think it's time to #buyyourskinadrink.

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