8 Common Skincare Mistakes That Are Making You Breakout

This week I'm going to be sharing some common mistakes you might be making that are contributing to your breakouts! Many of these mistakes I found myself making, but when I changed these habits and utilized these tips, I did see a difference in my own skin. Some of these tips I learned by experimenting with different things, and some I learned directly from my dermatologist. Without further ado, here are 8 tips to see brighter, clearer skin.

#1: Washing your face incorrectly

When it comes to washing our faces, it seems like it should be pretty straightforward: soap and water. Except it's not that simple, especially if you are someone who wears makeup on the reg. There are two big mistakes I see most commonly:

  1. Using makeup wipes as a "cleanse"

  2. Not using the double cleanse method when wearing makeup

Makeup wipes are great to use if you've had a long night out and simply don't have the will or energy to go through your skincare routine. It's so important that even if you skip your evening skincare routine, take your makeup off at the very least (even if it is a makeup wipe). Leaving makeup on while you sleep is seriously a recipe for disaster and your pores will probably throw a fit. Makeup wipes are a quick fix, but you may want to consider switching to something like micellar water to remove your makeup. Here are some reasons to rethink the makeup wipe:

  • They cannot be broken down easily, so they end up in oceans and landfills

  • The ingredients in makeup wipes are not enough to properly remove your makeup and they leave a film on top of your skin which eventually creeps into your pores

  • The ingredients in most makeup wipes tend to be harsh and stripping of the skin, causing irritation and congestion

  • Usually you have to tug and pull at your skin pretty hard (especially with eye makeup) to get the makeup to come off, and even then there is definitely still some makeup left on your face. To remove all of the makeup (most of it), you probably would have to go through three makeup wipes and scrub pretty hard, which is a lot of waste and more work than actually washing your face at the sink.

Instead of makeup wipes, try a micellar water with a soft wash cloth to gently and thoroughly remove makeup. Or, you could try my personal favorite: the double cleanse method. To remove my makeup, I use an oil-based cleanser to gently massage into my skin to melt away makeup, dirt and impurities. After I rinse, I continue with a second, targeted cleanser. This second cleanse ensures that all traces of dirt, oil and makeup have been removed. This method makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed and gives the perfect blank canvas to apply the rest of my skincare.

Pro tip: when washing your face, use lukewarm water instead of hot or cold water. Sometimes washing with too hot of water can exacerbate current breakouts and produce redness. Water that is too cold will make it more difficult to remove makeup and melt away makeup and impurities.

#2: Not keeping your phone clean

Let's be real: we all live pretty busy lives so cleaning your phone is one we probably all forget about. But if you think about how many germs are consistently on our hands the

n transferred to our phone and then transferred to our faces..it's kinda gross. The bacteria on your phone will eventua